Moving back to Helvetica

I realized Rdot wasn’t easy on the eyes one year later :-) I’ve switched back to Helvetica to improve readability. Will make a few minor changes to the blog in the next few days to make it faster. The three css files are unnecessary load and also don’t use variables so I need to copy paste a few changes.

Update: 2022-01-01

  1. Back to all 100 lighthouse scores :dab:
  2. Merged 2 css files into 1. There was some unused theming CSS in the original hyde theme so deleted it.
  3. Moved all colors to css variables. It was long overdue.
  4. Enabled gzip for all assets. Didn’t realize this wasn’t enabled.
  5. Added summary descriptions to posts for better SEO

Update: 2022-16-01

  1. Opengraph metadata for social sharing is added




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