Looking back on 2022

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2022 was the most productive I’ve ever been in my life. It sounds a little weird coming from someone who was unemployed for the last couple of months but that veneer fell off ages ago. I can attribute most of it to deep bouts of introspection and good physical health. I casually woke up with a hangover today and decided to go for a 7KM run to fetch bread. Absolutely unnecessary. I just felt like staring at the christmas tree in front of Reichstag. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and being at peace with my mental and physical health was a hallmark of 2022.

It also helps that I cook way better food now and we could live in multiple cities over longish periods to absorb the local vibe. Of all the places we lived in, I must highlight three:

  1. London for the food scene
  2. Prague for the music and nightlife
  3. Paris for the unusually warm folks and culture. Yes, I know the stereotype and it is plain stupid!

Random collage Random collage of pics which Google Photos put together

People I love continued to have a rather rough time and it being outside my control drives me nuts.

Aditi and I celebrated 7 years being together and moved into a new apartment we’d bought in early 2021. I’m a creature of habit and shifting physical locations, even places I have absolute control to modify is overwhelming. I hope this one settles down soon.

Professionally, I ended an almost 3 year stint at HelloFresh. It was so much fun being with really smart people but I felt my learning curve was tapering so it made sense to look out externally. I join an edtech firm (GoStudent) tomorrow morning. Excited to see how this one pans out.

I also became an author this year (actually, just yesterday) and published my first book on pricing in ecommerce. You can grab a copy either from my own website or Amazon if the field is of interest. I hope this book is the first of many but I have no idea of what is next.

Pricing in ecommerce book

As I look to 2023, the one thing I’d like to do more of is to connect with people I love more often. I’ll make an effort to do this diligently this year.

Wrapping up, I have tonnes of recommendations to watch, listen and read but I’ll filter the top few in each for sanity

  1. Books
  1. Series
  1. Podcasts
  1. Articles

If you got this far, hope you have a brilliant and happy 2023!

Love, Ravdeep


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