Best places to eat in Berlin

One must plan for their lunch, evening snacks and dinner before they’ve finished gorging down their breakfast is solid life advice. YOLO and all that.

Since I call Berlin home for the last few years, this is a frequent conversation topic and I share a list with my friends on Google Maps. That has two challenges:

Without much ado, here are my top 10:

  1. Da Jia Le
  2. Pala
  3. Estelle Dining
  4. Ni Cho Schokolade
  5. Ruyam’s Gemuse
  6. Wen Cheng’s
  7. Taqueria El Oso
  8. Aftab
  9. Ma-makaan
  10. Silo Coffee
  11. Tucker’s brunch

Bonus: Duo’s, Chipi



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