Fix frequent MacOS disconnects from Fritzbox

Background: My ISP (not by choice) is DNS.Net in Berlin and they use a Fritzbox 5530 router. The WiFi connection is very stable apart from MacOS devices where it used to disconnect every few minutes. I managed to solve it so sharing in case it helps someone else.

Solution: Force Fritzbox to differentiate between 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi connection and use only the 2.4GHz for the Mac. Can use 5GHz for other devices Fritzbox Setting

What doesn’t work

  1. Forcing WPA2 only as a security setting. This was recommended here and I’ve tried multiple variations around security in the last year. The annoying bug stays and it is not a security issue the best I can ascertain.
  2. Changing energy saving mode to balanced / green as suggested by some articles (e.g., this one) again had no impact.
  3. Forcing WiFi 6 to use 2.4Ghz used to be an option in an earlier fritzbox firmware which another of my friends suggested but I could never see it in mine so can’t verify.


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