Pricing in Ecommerce

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pricing in ecommerce ebook cover

The book is packed with practical frameworks and case studies for determining your first price from a consumer's point of view, iterating on the price and running targeted promotions.

There are no assertions of a correct way to price but there is a debate on practical constraints with each set of choices.

You can download the preface and table of contents here

When art critics get together they talk about form and structure and meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.

Pricing in ecommerce is a turpentine reference shelf for practitioners of pricing and discounting in ecommerce firms i.e., people in product management, marketing, analytics and finance functions making these decisions daily.

This book was born out of a frustration with figuring out these decisions debating peers from first principles for over a decade for Ravdeep

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